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Wohnung Staudenhof
STV *** Sup.

Comfort Apartment

Attractive infrastructure in good condition

Presentable, well-maintained furnishings with good comfort

Cosy and appealing overall impression

Intermediate Level "Superior":

If a property achieves the number of points - but not the required criteria - of the next higher category, the attribute “Superior” will be added. Intermediate Level “Superior”.


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Rustici / Mountain huts / Alpine Farmhouses (FST)

Rustici, mountain huts and alpine farmhouses are exempt from some of the minimum requirements because they are subject to a different standard. At the same time, they also have to meet special criteria to qualify as a mountain hut, a rustic cottage or an alpine farmhouse.

Bike-friendly (FST)

In a bike-friendly holiday home guests will find anything they may need for an enjoyable bike vacation, for example a bike cleaning area, a washing area for soiled clothing or information about the bike routes in the region.

Pets welcome (FST)

In an apartment where pets are welcome you will find anything your pet may need. There is plenty of space for the animals to run and play, a blanket to sleep on, and food bowls.

Family-friendly (FST)

Apartments with this specialisation offer extra comfort for families with small children, for example a crib, tableware for children, or a baby bathtub.

family farm

mountainbike farm

Pets allowed